About Us

    We built our first log home in 1979, using logs we milled by hand on a sawmill.  We knew we had found our calling, so we invested in some equipment and in 1984 Logan Log Homes was born.

When you buy from Logan Log Homes, you’re buying from the manufacturer, not a dealer or middleman who doesn’t understand the product or process.  With over 50 years combined building experience, including designing and building our own personal log homes, we work to help our customers achieve their own log home dreams.  We are committed to assisting you with the building process every step of the way, and we provide top quality materials at very reasonable prices. 

    “When you call our customer service department you get...us.”

With this hands-on philosophy of ours there are some things you don’t get.  You won’t get glossy brochures and lots of marketing materials because someone has to pay for those and we would rather let you save your money.  You don’t get to visit a fancy office or see fancy models.  Again, we manufacture products for real people who live in real log homes, and we’d rather spend our time producing quality materials at prices that allow our customers to fulfill their dreams (not our dreams of a corner office).

    We’ve carefully built our reputation with our customers, local contractors, suppliers and financial institutions by being honest, consistent and by producing quality log home products backed by quality customer service.  Contact us to see for yourself!


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