Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build my log home myself?

    If you have the ability to build a conventional home, you can build a log home.  Basic carpentry skills are required and you need to be aware of any local building code specifications.

What is the cost comparison between a log home and a conventional stick-built home?

    The answer to this question depends on the components you choose for your log home.  But typically, in our Southeastern Ohio area, prices are near the same.  The real savings comes in energy costs over time.

I purchased my log home kit from a dealer, but they don’t supply some of the “extras” we want such as log stairs and porch railing.  Will you sell that to us?

    Unfortunately, no.  We pride ourselves on being a full-service supplier and that includes having all the “extras” available for our customers.  Our log stairs, porch posts, railing, and truss beams are available only to the purchasers of our log home kits.

Do you have a construction crew that erects your log homes?

    We work with a number of local contractors in our area.  If you have your own contractor, we are more than happy to work with them on your project.

What makes your log home materials different from other companies?

    The most important part of a log home is making sure the logs are dried properly.  The so-called “industry standard” is kiln-dried to 18% moisture content up to 1 1/2” in depth.  This process, if done incorrectly, can remove the moisture from the timber too quickly and leave the middle of the log still “green,” resulting in excessive “checking,” or cracking, in the log. 

    We air dry our logs at least 1 year prior to milling them into log home components.  This slower process allows the wood blanks to dry at a slower pace, reaching 12-15% moisture content all the way through the log, minimizing the checking process.

    Remember:  dryer is better!

What is your delivery fee?

    We have free delivery within 50 miles of Logan, Ohio.  This could include all or parts of many counties surrounding Hocking County:  Fairfield, Franklin, Ross, Pickaway, Perry, Licking, Vinton, Athens, Jackson, Meigs, Morgan, and Washington Counties.  We personally deliver our products on our own truck.

    We can also arrange for shipping anywhere in the U.S. with professional carriers.

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